The adventures of Alfie #1

The adventures of Alfie is the fictitious story of a Jack Russell Terrier.

There was lots going on at home today with a couple more visitors to the house. The first lady picked up my sister “Bella” and clutched her to her face and made strange baby noises, neither of us had any idea why?!? Mum sat there also looking a bit confused but not alarmed, I guess she has met lots of odd humans over her long (2 year) lifetime. We then had a young couple arrive who came into the kitchen where we were all sleeping. Mum gave another resigned look as the couple eyed us all up. Again they seemed to be looking at Bella which given all the attention she got before seemed a little unfair. I therefore marched up over to them with a confident swagger and gave my biggest bark; they both laughed – how rude! The guy then produced a fluffy toy from his pocket and started moving it around. It looked a bit like a mouse, perhaps it was a mouse? Before I knew what was happening I had hold of one end and he the other, both of us having lots of fun. The humans started laughing again but this time I didn’t mind. “That’s the one” announced the guy; I opened my mouth to bark “what?” letting the toy fall out which mysteriously disappeared back into his pocket. The woman then put out her hand so I mooched over to explore, she was very gentle with me and gave me a kind smile. They had a chat to mum’s human and then they were off again; a quick glance back at me as they went, was that a tear in her eye?

About the author: Mike Garner is a dog trainer and behaviourist at Rainbow Dogs in Brighton. 


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