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Dog DNA Test

Wisdom Panel - Authorised Supplier

The entire canine genome has now been sequenced!

An analysis of your dog's DNA is now easily accessible by means of a simple test.

What can a dog DNA test tell me?

Over 350 different breeds are now covered by the DNA test!

Is your dog a pure pedigree, a 'designer breed', or just an old-fashioned mongrel?

How big is your crossbreed puppy going to get?

Did your rescue centre give you their best guess of what breeds of dog are in there?

What behavioural traits are likely and what inherited health conditions is your dog at risk from?

How is a dog DNA test done?

No blood test or vet visit is necessary!

Just a simple swab inside your dog’s mouth then post it off to Wisdom Panel UK lab.

You should receive the test results report approximately 3 weeks after submission.

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What do the results look like?

Shop Dog Training Behaviour Rainbow Dogs Brighton Hove Sussex

What are you waiting for?

You love your dog regardless but ... who would not be curious and want to see their dog's family tree going back three generations?

Discover your dog's ancestry today!

See Pickle's DNA story

Technical information

Tests on dogs from outside of the UK and Ireland may not give accurate results since these breeds may not be well represented in the DNA database used. Please check with us first if your dog is from a different country.

Rainbow Dogs is an authorised stockist of Wisdom Panel DNA tests based in Brighton & Hove, Sussex.