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Dog Training during Coronavirus / COVID-19

I have changed my dog training service during these unprecedented times of Coronavirus / COVID-19.

Dog Training consultations: at your home and outdoor locations

I have suspended this service until further notice.

Remote dog training consultations: by phone / video / Skype

This service of virtual dog training allows for social distancing, self isolation, and lock-down.

Any of my normal dog training and behaviour services can be conducted using video-link training.

My remote dog training service is provided at a reduced rate.

I am able to work with you via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Virtual dog training sessions may be undertaken by dog owners anywhere in the UK and is not limited to Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Groundwork dog training sessions: without owner present

I can work with your dog for you without you needing to be there with my established Groundwork Training service.

I have suspended this service until further notice.