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Q: How do you compare all the different dog trainers and behaviourists out there?

A: It is important to find the right balance of qualifications and experience for your needs.

The following are some things you should think about:

Questions to ask Things to check Answers from Mike
What qualifications do you have? Are these recognised qualifications or just 'certificates'? BSc (Hons) Psychology.

NVQ Level 3 Animal Care.
What experience do you have? Where was this experience gained? Behaviourist at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Trainer of assistance dogs at Canine Partners.

Trainer and assessor of assistance dogs at Dog A.I.D.

Dog assessor for Brighton & Hove City Council Fostering Service.

Instructor at Hammersmith Dog Training Club.

There are very few breeds or problems that I haven't seen.
How long have you worked with dogs? How much was as a professional? I have worked professionally with dogs since 2002.
Are you a member of a professional organisation? How does the orginsation determine membership? Member of Pet Professional Guild.
What training methods do you use? Is training based on 'it worked for my dog so will work for yours' or some mystical human-canine connection? I use positive training methods based on evidence based science: i.e. Learning Theory, Operant Conditioning, Classical Conditioning, Emotions, Neuropsychology, and Human Psychology.
Do you guarantee results? Are claims honest and realistic? Results can never be guaranteed when working with another living being!
Do you teach me to be a pack leader and tame my dog's inner-wolf? If a trainer talks about dominance this is a sure sign they are using unscientific methods. I deal with the real root causes of your training problems.

I focus on teaching you and your dog to communicate.