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Trick Training

What is a trick?

There is actually no difference between training a dog a trick and any other behaviour.

A trick may be considered a behaviour that is just taught for fun.

An example may to be teach a 'down' as a practical behaviour and a 'play dead' as a trick behaviour.

Why train tricks?

Training your dog is mentally stimulating which is especially useful for a high energy dog.

Training improves your relationship with your dog, increasing your bond by encouraging trust with the added benefit of your dog paying more attention to you.

How do I train tricks?

Tricks will be taught using only positive trainings methods so you can both enjoy the experience.

I will teach you how to clearly communicate with your dog using both your voice and body language.

You can train using Clicker Training if you wish but this is not required. Using a clicker will however make the process much easier and more efficient.

What tricks can you train?

A trick can be anything that you want. The limit is your imagination! Your dog must however be capable of performing the behaviour and it must be safe to perform.

You so also consider your dog's age, mobility, and health when choosing tricks to train.

Different breeds will be better suited to learning different tricks. Teaching your dog to tug open a heavy door may not be possible for your Chihuahua. Your Great Dane may also not be ideally suited to jumping onto your lap.

I have some great ideas for tricks to get you started but am also happy to work with you on your own ideas.

Your trick training can also be taken outside into your local park in Brighon & Hove where Urban Agility can also be trained.