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Cockapoo Training

Meet some of the Cockapoos I have trained:

Cockapoo Earl Testimonial Training Brighton Hove Cockapoo Mabel Testimonial Training Brighton Hove Cockapoo Barley Testimonial Training Brighton Hove Cockapoo Milo Testimonial Training Brighton Hove Cockapoo Eddie Testimonial Training Brighton Hove

Cockapoos are crosses of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. They are a very common sight in Brighton and Hove and very popular accross the UK. The Cockapoo shares many characteristics of the Cocker Spaniel in that they are generally very active dogs that require owners with lots of time to devote to their training and mental stimulation. Poodles are selected due to their non-schedding coat.

Remember that every dog is an individual. Your Cockapoo's behaviour will depend not only on his genetics but also his early socialisation and on-going training.

Do you need help with your Cockapoo's training or behaviour problems? Do you want to give your new Cockapoo puppy the best start with his socialisation?

I have worked successfully with many Cockapoos. Please contact me for a chat about how I can help you achieve your goals.