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Puppy Socialising and Training

Selecting your puppy

Not got your new puppy yet?

Check out my advice on Selection and Adoption.

Our Sussex based customers can contact us before getting a puppy for a FREE, no obligation chat to help you find the best match.

Socialising your puppy

So you have your new puppy, now what?

Puppies have a window of just a few critical weeks to be socialised in order to avoid becoming fearful as they grow up. They need careful and comprehensive socialising in order to reach their full potential as well-rounded adult dogs.

I can help you to socialise your puppy with people, other dogs, and things in the environmental. Some socialising of your puppy can start from the day you get your puppy home; you don't have any time to lose.

Customers often tell me that the first time they take their puppy to the park can be incredibly stressful. I can guide you through your first socialisation session in the park, demonstrating the best way for your puppy to meet other dogs, people, and all the exciting sights, smells, and sounds of their environment.

You really don't get this time back so there is no time to delay!

Training your puppy

I can help you with your puppy's Basic / Obedience Training.

I can also help you with common problems that new puppy owners often have, including:

  • Jumping up
  • Mouthing / Nipping
  • Chewing
  • House training
  • Relationship with existing dog
  • Relationship with cat

I also offer the option of Groundwork Training where I socalise and train your puppy for you. This can be the perfect solution if you have a busy life but still want a comprehensively socalised and trained puppy.