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Terrier Training

Meet some of the Terriers I have trained:

Jack Russell Terrier Ruby Training Brighton Hove Welsh Terrier Kalle Training Brighton Hove Bedlington Terrier Belsey Training Brighton Hove Sarge Border Terrier Training Brighton Hove Terrier Beckett Training Brighton Hove

Terriers are a broad group of dogs including many different breeds varying in size from small (e.g. Jack Russell Terrier) to large dogs (e.g. Airedale Terrier). Their name derives from the Latin word for earth 'Terra'. They were originally bred to hunt small prey animals that go to ground e.g. rats and rabbits and therefore tend to be very active dogs. Terriers of different breeds are a common sight in Brighton and Hove with the Jack Russell Terrier arguably being the most popular. The group also includes those favoured as lap dogs (e.g. The West Highland Terrier 'Westie') and the various bull breeds (e.g. Staffordshire Bull Terrier 'Staffie'). Terriers are also regularly crossed with other breeds resulting in many terrier type dogs.

Remember that every dog is an individual. Your Terrier's behaviour will depend not only on his genetics but also his early socialisation and on-going training.

Do you need help with your Terrier's training or behaviour problems? Do you want to give your new Labrador Retriever puppy the best start with his socialisation?

I have worked successfully with many Terriers. Please contact me for a chat about how I can help you achieve your goals.