Cold weather survival guide for you and your dog!

As the first flakes of snow drop in Brighton & Hove it pays to be prepared!

Wrap up warm

This is advice for you rather than your dog! It means you won’t be in a rush to come home because you are cold. Your dog already has a fur coat and most do not need an additional coat. The exception is breeds with low body fat such as greyhounds or whippets. If your dog is very young or old they may also need a little extra insulation. If your dog is not well then check with your vet if they are okay to go out in the cold and if they may need a coat. Perhaps hold off giving your dog a hair cut so he keeps that extra fur for insulation.

Clean your feet when you get home

This is also advice for you so you don’t stomp snow into the carpet!  It can however be a good idea to wash your dogs paws when you get home in case he has walked in salt that has been put down.  The salt could be an irritant for his paws and you would also not want him licking it off since that could make him sick!

Go play in the snow

This can be good fun for the both of you! Don’t use the cold weather as an excuse to not walk your dog. He still needs exercise and mental stimulation so as long as you are sensible he will not mind the cold weather.

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Mike Garner is a dog trainer and behaviourist at Rainbow Dogs in Brighton & Hove, Sussex.

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